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School Safety

The safety of our children at school is our first priority. Over the last few years, our district has made considerable improvements to make our schools safer.  These achievements were possible due to the support of our community. Through bond initiatives our schools increased security by creating secure entryways, installing additional cameras, replacing outdated emergency alert systems, and much more. We have also collaborated with local law enforcement on parent informational meetings and staff training. The topic of school safety is sensitive and critically important. We are grateful for our partnership with law enforcement and for the support of our community. 

Important Information and Reminders About School Safety 

  • Throughout our district, we have specific plans we follow in case of an emergency.  
  • As a staff, we review these procedures and plans at the beginning of the school year and periodically throughout the year. 
  • Our emergency procedures include (but are not limited to) severe weather, fire, gas leaks, and lockdowns.
  • Every classroom and office is equipped with an Emergency Management flip book that provides a detailed description of staff responsibilities for each emergency procedure. 
  • Every classroom and office is also equipped with an emergency bag or kit with necessary supplies.  
  • In the case of an emergency, parents are advised to remain calm and await notification via our Skyward text/phone/e-mail communication system.  
  • Please make sure your contact information is updated in Skyward and any new phone number or e-mail address changes have been noted. 
  • In the case of an emergency, we also kindly request that parents do not come to the school to ensure law enforcement can do their job.  We promise to send out Skyward alerts as soon as possible.

Daily Safety Measures

The following security measures are standard practice on a daily basis in our school.

  • Exterior doors are always locked. 
  • Exterior doors are not propped open. 
  • The main entry is used for all visitors. 
  • Video entry system is used to screen visitors before entry is permitted.  
  • Camera systems are active throughout the building at all times.  
  • All visitors must sign-in at the main office and wear a visitor badge while in the building. 
  • Locked exterior doors occur on a daily basis and are not considered a lockdown. 

Emergency Safety Drills

We adhere to emergency drill requirements and practice fire, tornado, and lockdown procedures throughout the school year. Below is a chart that indicates which drills have been completed thus far.